Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule a maintenance service call before the heating season starts. If there are any problems with your system, it’s better to find out before it’s freezing outside! Do the same for your cooling system before the sweltering summer season begins.  Most people don’t realize they have a problem until they flip the switch to either heat or cool their home, that’s when HVAC companies are the busiest. We offer annual scheduled maintenance and service contracts to make sure this never happens to you! Starting at just $79 dollars a year!

Take a look at our rigorous full system check list:

Comprehensive HVAC System Tune-Up Checklist

Heating System Tune-up:
 Inspect burners, pilot assembly and sensors. Clean if applicable
 Safety check heat exchanger for cracks or damage
 Check and lubricate blower motor and moving parts if necessary
 Check flue for proper draft
 Check humidifier         -Replace evaporator pad if needed
 Inspect thermocouple  -Replace if needed
 Inspect air for burner efficiency
 Check fan limit controls
 Check wiring
 Check condensate drain and pump. Clean if needed
 Check and clean condensate trap
 Check thermostat
 Check safety controls
 Check pressure switches
 Visual inspection of hot water heater
 Inspect furnace filter  -Replace if needed
 Inspect air cleaner    -Replace media if needed
 Check system operation/Evaluate performance
Boilers Only:
 Gas regulator
 Coupler
 Circulator
 Expansion tank
 Pressure gauge
 Relief Valve
 Aquastat
Cooling System Tune-up:
 Check all wiring and connectors
 Check condensate drain and pump
 Check and clean condensate trap
 Check compressor contactors
 Inspect furnace filter   -Replace if needed
 Inspect air cleaner     -Replace media if needed
 Check belt and adjust tension
 Check condenser coil & clean if needed
 Test voltage and amp draw of compressor
 Check condenser fan motor
 Check and adjust thermostat
 Lubricate all moving parts
 Visual check for leaks
 Monitor refrigerant pressure
Added ______ lbs.    R-22  /  R-410A
Indoor Air Quality:
Air Cleaner: Make/Model
Air Filter:
 Type ___________________________
 Replaced_______/______/__________
 Status:  Good / Fair / Poor (Cleaned)
Humidifier: Make/Model
 Panel type __________________________
 Humidifier Pad   Replaced____/____/____
 Water flow:   Good / Fair / Poor (Cleaned)
 Valve:          Good / Fair / Poor (Cleaned)